Getting On Track

I would like to tell you about my rewarding experience attending the City Tech Green Maintenance Program.
I was so concerned with getting immediate employment through the Green Maintenance for Building program. I didn’t realize the positive and empowering effect the program would have in my life. I was 48 yrs old when I was accepted into the green maintenance building program. At the time I was bartending and a practicing licensed New York State real estate salesperson and home inspector trying to survive the 2008 real estate industry bust. I attended Mr. Patterson’s class on proper work environment etiquette and the remedial math class instructed by Mr. Simo. I’m giving recognition to Mr. Simo because the math class he instructed help me brush up on my math skills to obtain 99 on the Traffic Checker test and a 97 on the MTA Track Worker test. The new skills acquired at basic home repair classes instructed by Mr Crabbe allowed me to communicate shop talk with my co-workers. Ms. Debra Salomon’s green maintenance technology classes gave me insight intto the upcoming green maintenance technology. All these instructors made me realize that completion of the program was just a stepping stone in my immediate future.

They all advised me first to obtain gainful employment after completing the green maintenance program, which I did. Via the green maintenance building program I was referred to to Related Management as a part-time/relief porter in April 2012. Then in April 2013 I was hired as a part-time MTA Traffic Checker. My list number was called for the full time MTA Track Worker position in May 2014, the MTA position I work in now.
Keeping with the training and advice I received from the above instructors/ career counselors has helped me reach my goals.. I am now studying the MTA Track department supervisor manual for the upcoming MTA Track supervisor test for the summer 2016.
Thank you immensely GMB staff for the guidance you provided this ex licensed, New York State Notary Public, home inspector and real estate salesperson. I now have a stable and new rewarding career at 50 years old.

Kevin Wheatt
Green Maintenance for Building Graduate March 2012
MTA Track Worker February 20, 2015