Investment Plans

When I found out that I was accepted to the GMB program, it was music to my ears. The life enrichment classes that were instructed by Mr. Patterson were not just interesting but quite helpful. In those sessions my fellow classmates and I had the opportunity to work together as teams on numerous activities that dealt with our life choices, attitudes and work related issues that could arise on the job. Through instructions given by Mr. Rodney and Mr. Rich, I had the opportunity to learn many hands-on maintenance skills. We covered everything from from basic sweeping to learning more complex things such as electrical, plumbing, taping, carpentry, ceramic tile, and linoleum laying. I received numerous certificates that were beneficial to my educational growth and tryly helped my resume look more appealing to employers.

As time wound down on my completion of the program, I began to wonder more and more about employment in the maintenance field and one of the great things about the developers of GMB program is that they assure you that when they complete the program they will try everything in their power to get you employed, but, I’ll admit I was nervous because I heard those sweet words of job placement before and seen no results. Three weeks before my completion of the GMB program, and to my surprise, I was sent out on an interview to become a porter for a high-end company. Thanks to Ms. Rhonda Whitley, I was able to provide the employer with the best resume I have ever had in my possession. I got the job and it not only pays well, but I have benefits for the first time since 2006.

To anyone who has anything to do with the Workforce Development Green Maintenance Program, whether you’re a staff member or sponsor, I want to say thank you very much for investing in my future.


Lavell Jamison
GMB Graduate March 2015